About Us

Shore Cleaning provide a complete range of services from residential to high-end commercial cleaning jobs. We ensure that all our services include only green cleaning methods.

We use non-toxic, allergen-free Green Seal certified products that are designed and produced with dedication towards safety of environment as well as the habitats.

In order to reach the best cleaning target, we use 64-point cleaning checklist. This ensures customer satisfaction with best services.

One Spotless home at a time! This is our mission!


Green and eco-friendly products and services: it is no longer just a consideration, it’s an expectation.

What Makes Shore Cleaning Different?

At Shore Cleaning Services, our methodology is honest; your family, your pets and the climate always come first.

Our items never contain brutal synthetics and we consider a green, non-poisonous, sans allergen cleaning experience. Synthetic colors, heavy metals, suspected cancer-causing agents and chlorine mutagens have a place in a lab, not on your kitchen counter. At Sore Cleaning, we generally stick to the most noteworthy expert green cleaning norms. This is our obsession; this is our main event.

By collaborating with Shore Cleaning, you can feel better realizing that keeping your home spotless, ensuring your family, pets and the climate are consistently top of psyche. We generally utilize a 64-guide agenda toward guarantee your house is eco clean without fail.

With us you can rest assured that we are:

  • Fully Insured.
  • Trained Professionals.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • Always green! Not the advertised green.